Foreword by the Chairman/CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Valued investors, partners and associates,

Warmest greeting from Epic Agarwood Berhad. By opening these pages, we are delighted that you are taking the first step into learning about our revolutionary agriculture industry, which will give you the opportunity to generate long term, sustainable income from the one of the world most expensive wood today- the thriving agarwood industry.

Based on a simple philosophy of nurturing Win Win growth for both our customers/planters and ourselves, Epic Agarwood has been operating with sound business responsibility, solid integrity and superior customer service in order to help planters far and wide realize their dream of a financially secure future.

Despite increasingly competitive business arenas and the advent of a price hike era, we are proud to say that our unique agarwood, which leverage on the wealth of resources from our home country Malaysia, will allow anyone with the aspiration and the capital to secure a fundamentally stable source of long term return.

With our core competency in Agarwood Plantation, we believe we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to turn exciting potentials into colossal returns for all our Agarwood customers and planters. Most importantly, we trust you will enjoy planting Agarwood with us as we consistently strive to make the agarwood industries process a fuss free, rewarding experience.

With this, allow me to express our sincerest appreciation for the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to enjoying the harvest of Agarwood of success with you for many years to come.


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