Well, search no further, Epic Agarwood Berhad proudly presents to you a unique agarwood plantation located in Malaysia that allows customers and planters to diversify their agarwood industry portfolio into the fastest growing market in Malaysia.

Trends & Prospects

In Malaysia, the agarwood industry recorded an impressive increases of performance over the past few years and with this significant gains in prices of all agarwood products, export earnings rising tremendously to a record sales.

The Benefits

At Epic Agarwood, we believe the lucrative agarwood industry business should be readily available to all customers and planters and not just to those with the necessary backgrounds or connections but also those with aspirations.


The Malaysian Government encourages locals to directly involves in agarwood industry, but legal constraints pertaining to foreign ownership of immoveable properties, including agriculture land, means a non-citizen or a foreign company is prohibited.

Agarwood Products
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