Our Vision & Mission

To achieve growth in a Win-Win manner for both the company and our clients by carefully nurturing all our agarwood cultivation into long-term, sustainable sources of wealth.

The operation of Epic Agarwood is epitomized by 4 corporate philosophies which dictate the way we work and interact with our stakeholders.

Business Responsibility


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Our prime responsibilities as an agarwood planters entity are to achieve commercial success, generate superior business performances and provide meaningful returns to all stakeholders.

Solid Integrity


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Our business activities are carried out with nothing less than utmost professionalism and the best in effort in order to bring about the finest results possible.

Superior Customer Service


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We vow to serve all our customers and planters swiftly and accurately because we understand time is money and nothing is more important than peace of mind within the shortest time-frame possible.

Forefront of Wealth Generation


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We consistently keep ahead of new agarwood industry trends and wealth creation opportunities in order to make our customers and planters pioneers, not followers, in managing their agarwood industry portfolio.

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