Louiss Lo
Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Born in 1977, Louiss Lo is the CEO of Epic Agarwood Berhad and is involved in all key areas of the company; including management and marketing duties, research & development as well as the overall sourcing and running of agarwood industry and operation.

In 1991, Louiss first ventured into the construction business and subsequently spent more than a decade handling a multitude of large-scale projects for local and foreign entitles. During these years, Louiss was exposed to the methodologies of running a successful business as well in handling multiple projects - qualities that now help him lead Epic Agarwood  and steer customers and planters benefits toward success.

Having been born in a rubber and oil palm estate situated within Malaysia, Louiss developed hands-on knowledge and understanding of all there is to know about a plantation since childhood. His co-founding of Epic Agarwood represents a return to his root, where he now serves investors with a lifetime of knowledge and expertise gained from both his upbringing and career.

Angel Soo
Executive Director

Born in 1968, Angel Soo is the Executive Director of Epic Agarwood Berhad.

Started working after her junior middle three education. Her main experience is in bean sprout farm, where she first started her own company in 1986 to do Bean sprout trading business in Ipoh supplying in Malaysia market. She began her career with a diversify of job ranging from agriculture. She also have a very good experience in nursery field. In 2004 she set up her own company to do import and export car Securities Systems Products in Malaysia known as Cisgard Enterprise.

She joined Epic Agarwood as a Executive Director and now used her vast network to highly-lucrative plantation unit for the Company and it Investor.


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